Rekindling the Anabaptist Flame

Ben Girod

Rekindling the Anabaptist flame is not written to shake the world. It’s not a book about Anabaptism. It’s aim is to ask hard questions to the heirs of these God-fearing people. The prayer of the author is that it will shake the hearts of  people into a renewed walk on the Gethsemane’s self-denying path.

Baptized by Fire

Ben Girod

This helpful and timely writing contains priceless jewels of revelation. These precious gems have been forged under intense, real-life pressure and fire, all the while under the watchful eye of a wise and loving Father. He knows just the exact time and pressure required to form each gem. Those gems have been fit and fashioned into the heart and soul of the author. In fact, they have become a central life message worthy of transmission to many hungry and desperate souls who are in the middle of their own “baptism by fire” You may be asking right now for someone to help you through your journey. This book will help you endure. It will give you a guiding light on your path to freedom and a confidence that there is life beyond the fire.

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