“Anabaptist Connections” was born out of an intimate relationship with the FATHER OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT! From the beginning however, we had been unaware that our work would lead us into this ministry of reconciliation. But over the years we have been cast into the role of reconnecting the Amish, Mennonite and Hutterite nations through the sacrificial work of the CROSS. We also believe the hour has come for JESUS` prayer to be answered in Jn 17 when He interceeded for the unification of His body.

Anabaptist Connections is not limited to its own people, but it reaches all the way back to its beginnings with Zwingly of Switzerland and Luther of Germany. Its work penetrates to its very roots and beginning. It seeks to heal and reconcile its past wounds and schisms with those whom they had formerly been a part of.

This is not to say that we have all the answers, we don`t. This work is far to large and complicated for a single ministry team to undertake. Furthermore, without the guidiance and daily direction of the Holy Spirit, it will fail, for the many different parts of the body to come together, it will mean to die daily to succeed.

All the various parts need to be in total subjection to the “Bridegrooms” will and desires. Jn 4:34. 

This vision has been given to us, as it has been given to others as well. All these different parts are beginning to take form, not without difficuties and mistakes. But as the Spirit of God leads and directs, the different parts come together to unify and reconcile. He strips us of all self ambition, so He may have His way in preparing His Bride. Infact this work of healing and reconciling His Body, is limited and entrusted to those who are willing to embrace the shame of the cross with Him. Heb 13:12-13. To leave it otherwise, would give room for man to interfere and corrupt Gods plan for His bride. A true bride yields trustingly her Bridegroom. We believe, God will no longer tolerate mans ingenuity, which can only corrupt His work of gathering His harvest. He still uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise…..1 Cor 1:26 31.We Anabapists have tradionally preserved our inheritance, and with good reason. Our forfathers left us a legacy that is of eternal value.

We, however, have become reclusive and selfish, in hoarding this priceless heritage. It is time for us to release this blessing to the nations. I know, to many of our people, this will seem like a violation of trust, a betrayal of our well guarded heritage.

But the fact remains, many people, even nations, are waiting for this blessing that only we Anabaptists can give.

At no time since the early church, has Gods voice been heard in the nations as in the 16th and 17th centuries, when our forfathers, being baptized by fire and the Spirit took the Gospel throughout Europe.

But over the years, the fire lost its strength, the Spirit was being quenched. Gods voice became indistinct. We began losing our way. Legalism found its way into the church, with the bann and the consequent shunning becoming a foundational cornerstone in preserving our inheritance. Today the church is shattered in multiple splits and divisions, there seems to be no remedy. Yet, there is a remedy. Many are again encountering God in unprecedented measures. His voice is once again being heard, it is coming forth in increasing strength. The blood of our forfathers speaks once again. Heb 12:24. It speaks of healing and the reconciling of the shattered flock by the blood of Jesus. Gods voice will once again emerge through their seed and explode in the nations.

This is our inheritance. We must rise up and take our place in the Kingdom, we must embrace it. We must let our voices be heard, for the coming of the Bridegroom is at hand!


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